AMATH481: Fluids Code Overview

03 Nov 2016

AMATH481: Fluids Code Overview

Note: This post is part of my scientific computing course (UW AMATH481) in autumn 2016. The course web page is here.

We didn’t finish the overview of the code in lecture yesterday, so I made a video which goes over the basic structure. In the video, I explain the code in its initial, finite-differences-based version. The code provided with the homework is missing only the function for generating a finite difference matrix for differentiation in the \(y\) direction. Once you fix this function, uymatp2d, the finite-differences version of the code will be functional. In the homework, I also ask you to write a new version of the code in which you swap out these finite-differences routines for FFT-based ones.

You can download homework 2 here.


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