AMATH481: Homework 4

29 Nov 2016

AMATH481: Homework 4

Note: This post is part of my scientific computing course (UW AMATH481) in autumn 2016. The course web page is here.

Homework 4 is due 12/11.

Please submit your write-up and figures through Canvas and your code through SCORELATOR by midnight of the due date (technically, the cut-off is 3 am the next day). For this assignment, upload everything in your write-up as a single pdf.

We recommend posting questions about the assignment on the discussion board (enrolled students only).


In homework 4, we ask you to explore the rate of convergence for global interpolation of functions with singularities near the interval (and without), to build differentiation matrices, and to experiment with the Chebfun software.


Email: [my last name] [at] uw [dot] edu