AMATH481: Lecture W 11/30

30 Nov 2016

AMATH481: Lecture W 11/30

Note: This post is part of my scientific computing course (UW AMATH481) in autumn 2016. The course web page is here.

In this lecture, we reviewed some of the facts from last lecture about Chebyshev nodes and Chebyshev polynomials and discussed the aliasing phenomenon in this context (recall that aliasing also occurs for Fourier modes on equispaced grids). The material corresponds to Chapters 2–4 of “Approximation Theory and Approximation Practice”, the first 6 chapters of which can be downloaded here.

You can download the sketches and code from lecture here. For the code to run, be sure that you have downloaded Chebfun and have added the chebfun directory to your path. See the directions here.


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