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I’m a Research Associate of Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington. My research interests are in the area of scientific computing, specifically the solution and analysis of PDEs and the analysis of scientific data.

My curriculum vitae can be found here. If needed, here’s a relatively recent photo.



Some of my scientific software is freely available on GitHub:

  • optdmd — a MATLAB software package for computing the optimized dynamic mode decomposition (DMD).
  • varpro2 — a MATLAB software package for solving separable nonlinear least squares problems.


My work which has appeared in scientific journals:

  • Manas Rachh and Travis Askham. Integral Equation Formulation of the Biharmonic Dirichlet Problem. J Sci Comput In press. DOI
  • Travis Askham and Antoine Cerfon. An adaptive fast multipole accelerated Poisson solver for complex geometries. J Comp Phys 344:1–22, 2017. DOI
  • Travis Askham and Leslie Greengard. Norm-Preserving Discretization of Integral Equations for PDEs with Internal Layers I: The One-Dimensional Case. SIAM Rev, 56(4):625–641, 2014. DOI

My CV may be more up-to-date.


My preprints can be found on the arXiv e-print server:

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My Ph.D. thesis focused on integral-equation methods for the solution of inhomogeneous elliptic partial differential equations in complex geometry. It can be downloaded here. The “heuristic” discussion of error found in section 1.4.7 has been superseded by the discussion in this paper.

Talks and Video Abstracts

Here are some recent video abstracts and recorded talks:


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